Chaos? It would take gods.

Chris Burford cburford at
Tue Sep 19 07:09:40 MDT 1995

Chris S wrote:

"it would take more than a race of superbeings to
create and sustain a socialist society.  It would take gods and goddesses."

And by a free association I was suddenly reminded of the dramatic end of
James Baldwin's "Another Country"

"Then even his luggage, belonged to him again, and he strode through
the barriers, more high-hearted than he had ever been as a child,
into that city which the people of heaven had made their home."

As a citizen of New York, Chris S may find it particularly
difficult to take the point, but for marxists we all partake in

And if Chris S is implying that there would be no contradictions,
disagreements, chaotic events even, under socialism, who ever said
that gods and goddesses were without their disagreements
and misunderstandings?

Chris B, London.

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