Short History of the Japan Left (12)

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Continued from my post on 9/14.
In this post, I'd like to write about international
relationship of japanese left movements.
JSP is a member party of socialist international but
she had relationship with CP-USSR and CP-China at the same time.
Socialist Association had relationship with Marxism-Leninism
Institutes of DDR and USSR. We three had annual discussion
meetings in Tokyo. SA and MLI of USSR had different opinions
on nuclear power and other various matters. SA and MLI of DDR
had a good relation.
JCP was in line of 'independent'. This party held a good
relation with romanian party in '70s.
In the youth movement, JLSY(Japan League of Socialist Youth)
and JLDY(Japan League of Democratic Youth) are both member
leagues of world league of democratic youth.  JLDY is a youth
organization of JCP. In the world organization, JLSY positions
itself mostly in the mainstream, JLDY with euro group.
JLSY thinks it also important to make a solidarity with korean
residents in Japan. From historical reason, there are about
600,000 korean residents in Japan. The Japan - South Korea
pact in 1965 devided them into two sides. One supports south
korea and got south korean nationality, another refused to
get south korean nationality and got no nationality. Most
of the latter support north korea.
Since the struggle against Japan - South Korea pact, JLSY has
held a good relation with the Leaugue of Korean Youth Residents
in Japan.
Korean residents are discriminated in various ways in Japan.
They cannot get well-paid jobs in big business. So, they
are mostly self-employed. Korean restaurants, Pachinko Hall and
other personal services are where they can do their business.
Today some of them succeeded to make their business larger.
However, it is still important to make solidarity with their
struggle for citizen rights.
Today we see it more important to make solidarity with workers
in other asian countries. Some activists groups built relations
with militant unions in South Korea and Philipines.

Next time, I will report the temporal conference of JSP to be
held this week.

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