Chaos? It would take gods.

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Tue Sep 19 07:21:48 MDT 1995

On Tue, 19 Sep 1995, Chris M. Sciabarra wrote:

> 	Well, I have no doubt that there will be disagreements and
> misunderstandings... what concerns me is that misunderstanding will be an
> institutional practice, especially since all planning would be cut off
> from any price structure which could provide signals for entrepreneurial
> action and discovery.
Chris, I've never replied to one of your posts, but since Justin Schwartz
has departed the list for greener pastures in Law School, you are the
only one, it seems, who is mentioning things like "entrepreneurial action
and discovery." May I suggest that the left, and I do I include you here,
is preoccupied with issues dating 10 years ago or so when it cites
"entrepreneurial action and discovery" as an need. The issue is not how
best to deliver bananas and x-rated videos to East Germans, but how the
planet will survive. Yesterday's NY Times had an article on the very real
and impending danger of global warming, while today's Wall St. Journal
has an article on the coming slump in the auto industry. Can't you just
see those GM bigwigs reclining comfortably in their leather-chairs, eyes
closed, fantasizing about all the Saturns they'd love to see in the hands
of the Chinese consumer market. Unless we have real planning, as opposed
to bureaucratic misplanning, we don't have any future as homo sapiens.

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