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Tue Sep 19 09:37:21 MDT 1995

On Tue, 19 Sep 1995, Chris M. Sciabarra wrote:

> 	Louis, I really do understand your concerns, but I really do
> believe that many of the huge externalities for which we commonly fault the
> market are actually a result of the absence of property rights
> specifications and accountability in law.  Lake Baikal in the Soviet
> Union became an ecological disaster BECAUSE everybody owned it, and
> hence, nobody owned it.   Nobody was held accountable for their use of

The problems we are facing are not the "exceptional" disasters like the
Exxon Valdez or Lake Baikal but the everyday, normal degradation caused
by the capitalist system itself in its ever-increasing drive to extract
profits from labor and raw-materials. In an interesting rejoinder to Greg
Easterbrook, the Panglossian fake, which appeared in the NY Times
magazine a few weeks ago, Bill MacKibbon (?) stated that the *normal*
growth in carbon-based emissions will cause catastrophic damage to the
planet by the mid-21st century unless something is done rapidly.

If we examine Clinton's progress as a "pro-environment" President, aided
by the miscreant Gore who dares to write about the environment, we
discover that things have basically gotten worse since Bush. Capitalism
is destroying the planet. What ever meager defense of the environment
existed under bureaucratic socialism in the former USSR or China is now
being dumped in lieu of private profit. Destruction of the environment is
not a side-effect of capitalism, but is absolutely intrinsic to it.

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