laser war

Tue Sep 19 13:40:53 MDT 1995

Last I heard, all laser weapons, including those planned to operate
from orbiting platforms, etc, have at least two major technical
drawbacks.  One is they take enormous amounts of electricity to work.
 The other is that they are rendered useless by particulate matter in
the atmosphere, including water droplets [clouds] dust, smoke, any
visible vapor, etc.

I think this is partly why we haven't heard much about it for a few
years.  Sorry no references/sources to hand, have to send you to the
library for that.

Lisa R

>>> Gonzalez, Francisco <GONZALEZ at>  9/15/95, 03:46pm >>>
If I might ask a slightly unrelated question: I remember reading a
few  years back about US experiments with battlefield laser/beam
weapons [snip] What I  remember was that these weapons were
off-shoots of Star Wars R&D and were  powerful enough to incapacitate
and/or kill infantry and penetrate some  light armor (from armored
personnel carriers, etc.) at some distance.  Does anyone knows
anything about this?
Francisco J. Gonzalez

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