Proyect's Myopia

Jim Jaszewski jjazz at
Tue Sep 19 13:36:54 MDT 1995

On Tue, 19 Sep 1995, Louis N Proyect wrote:

> On Tue, 19 Sep 1995, Jim Jaszewski wrote:
> > heard).  Academics and wannabees (which abound on this list) are
> > notorious for gab and not for dealing with more concrete issues.
> Louis:
> Look, Jim, the people who have complained are Tom Condit, Chris Burford,
> Doug Henwood, Lisa Rogers and myself. Lisa is the only person in this
> group who is an academic.

	Like I said:  a self-appointed group (you obviously using
`authority' as a weapon.  How bourgeois)

 Tom and I have been politically active for over
> 30 years each. Tom's complaint, and it's a valid one, is that when he's
> looking through the digest, he doesn't want to see 50% of it or more
> taken up by your lengthy cross-postings from other newsgroups.

	An obvious exaggeration -- but who cares about the Truth when
one's Will is the object?

	And I'm TIRED of so publicly being singled out as the Designated
One when you're all `guilty' of the same crime.

 If you
> wanted to provide a service to the list, you could simply post once a
> week with a list of titles of the most important articles from
> the '' newsgroup, where most of this stuff is
> available. Then people would have the option of checking in there
> themselves if they wanted more information.

	Gee.  And I thought it was all my little musings.  Why don't you
people get your story straight?

> The reason I participate in this list is that I want to step back from
> day to day struggles like those of the Zapatistas and zero in on the
> broader theoretical issues. This is not primarily a list for unschooled,
> plain-vanilla radicals or leftists like yourself, although you're not
> excluded by any means. This is a list for Marxists who are trying to get to
> the bottom of some thorny core issues.

	Arrogant man... I thought it was supposed to be what it is
supposed to be.  And since you people persist in getting personal, let me
just say that while you touch on brilliance occasionally, it's become
quite clear to me that there is another, manipulative side to you -- the
one which perhaps another individual here was alluding to in regards to
his fiancee's wish to avoid your physical presence... Why not say it?

> When I saw the length of your message on the Kurdish struggle, the only
> conclusion I could draw is that you have decided to continue "spamming"
> our list.

	Spam to YOU O Myopic One.  News on Kurdish communists to me --
and probably more here than you realize.  I've received support from at
least one other individual privately;  however, if anyone is following
this shit with any balance, I'd appreciate a PUBLIC note of support.

	I find it hard to believe that everyone on this list is so
hypocritical and self-important as these people.  Perhaps receiving so
many kudos for putting out journals or whatnot has inflated a few egos...
I can't believe I'm being set up for such a hatchet-job!

 Although the next step is up to our moderators, if it was up to
> me, I'd be taking this issue up with the postmaster of the freenet you
> belong to.

	Go ahead Proyect.  I'd *LOVE* to be the first one censored from
the supposedly censorship-free Spoon Marxism List -- especially when there
is a written record to show that I am ***NOWHERE*** near as bad as y'all
are painting me.

 One of the things that this list is about is social relations.
> We are trying to build respect for one another even when we have strong
> political disagreements. You are bent on acting in an anti-social, and, by
> implication, anti-socialist manner, and this list should figure out a way
> to defend itself.

	Ya, right -- because I won't do what a few poor overworked
`professionals' want me to do to make THEIR lives easier...

	You are, among other things, a hypocrite, Proyect...

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