Flag wavers.

Jamal Hannah jamal at bronze.lcs.mit.edu
Tue Sep 19 17:35:07 MDT 1995

> Hmm.  I heard/read this same story, but it was the Cubans who were giving
> the flag-waving advice.
> That makes me wonder whether these stories are historically true, or are
> they "legends of the left," maybe resulting from middle-age/middle-class
> former student activist disenchantment with their wild youth?
> In any event, I think the miserable capitulationism / national chauvinism
> ("Can't we all just get along" -ism) manifest around the "Support Our
> Troops" slogan during the Gulf War calls into question the flag-waving
> strategy, whoever (didn't) recommend(ed) it.
> -- Matt D.

I think the story is genuine, and I believe it was the Viet Namese,
not the Cubans.  Show me proof of otherwise, hoever.. I'd like to
see it.

As for flag waving, it's clearly one thing to wave a flag as a pro-US
imperialist act.. it's another thing to have an American flag in
an anti-imperalist march, showing that the march represents
Americans who do not like what the capitalists are doing.

Do you understand the difference?

 - Jamal H.

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