Chris M. Sciabarra's more Blatent Attacks on Marxism

Jamal Hannah jamal at
Tue Sep 19 17:55:43 MDT 1995

Chris S. says:
> Scott -- I would say that Marx and Engels thought that collective
> humanity could never achieve omniscience -- but that collective humanity
> could come pretty darn close; what's a few unknown variables in the face
> of what Engels states above?  Simply put, this is no "strawman" -- the
> Marxist tradition is filled with Enlightenment-inspired visions of human
> possibility, except that Marx and Engels left the job to the generations
> of some distant millenium since currently, any attempt to reach this
> plateau in the absence of material conditions, would ultimately be utopian.

Of course your own imaginary "free market" utopian ideal of state-less
capitalism isnt talked about.  All you are here for is to convince
Marxists that they are statist pigs and should "accept it", isnt that
right, Chris?

> The Marxist tradition -- well into the 20th century, even in the writings
> of Trotsky, and in the thought of critical theorists such as Habermas,
> continues to promote the faith that human beings will become on average,
> Aristotles, Goethes, and Marxes.

Of course the ultra-capitalists groups such as the Objectivists,
Libertarian Party, Extropians and so on all hold that someday, through
capitalism, this very thing will occour.

> We need a little humility here, and a little realism,

My, you are crafty, Chris... attempting to set up a dynamic in which
the Socialists are the ones who are "unrealistic", "non-human"
and "non-realist" whereas your own pro-market views are
the opposite? It is to laugh!

Remember that it is the Rothbardians and the Randists who
embraced "romantacism" and denounced "humanism" and (social)
realism because they were part of critiques of capitalism.

> because as much as I'd like to believe this faith, "it
> ain't necessarily so..."  And if, existentially, it is impossible, then

Ah yes.. more slander, saying socialists have a "faith", like
religious people.. thus delegitimizing any realitic or scientific
(or philosophical) opinions they may express.

> we have to ask ourselves what damage are we doing by promoting such a
> silly notion, since it would take more than a race of superbeings to
> create and sustain a socialist society.  It would take gods and goddesses.
> 					- Chris

"We?" We dont "have" to do anything you say, Chris.  It is people like
you who promote the silliest notion of all, which has ravaged humanity:
Capitalism and it's "free market" which has brought brutality to
millions, for decades.

 - JH

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