Chris M. Sciabarra's Tepid Defense of Capitalism

Jamal Hannah jamal at
Tue Sep 19 17:30:07 MDT 1995

> And as far as capitalists TRYING to gain
> monopolistic control -- this too, cannot be achieved without some form of
> political intervention.  By the way, the Austrians are as critical of
> monopoly as they are of "socialism" in that to the extent to which each
> destroys rivalrous competition, calculational chaos often results.  Which
> is why, according to Austrian-libertarian theorist Murray Rothbard, one
> big monopoly has not evolved spontaneously.  If it were profitable for
> one big monopoly to exist, socialism would have been here a long time ago.
> 					- Chris

Well, I guess youre showing your true colors, Chris.. Murray Rothbard
is not a "libertarian", though he may use this label. He is a capitalist.
as Capitalist as Ayn Rand, Friedman, Newt Gingrich, Rockefeller or
Ford.  The fact that he may use different labels or attempt to
pretend to be an anarchist does not change this fact.  Rothbard's
strategy has been simmilar to Rand's in that he takes great pains to
insist that all forms of socialism and communism in history are
"authoritarian", and therefore there is nowhere to go but the "free market".
He sets up a dynamic where he appears to be in the "sensible middle",
and capitalism is "normal human behavior", while communism is "alien" and
always related to state-interevntion.

Libertarian rightists always try to hide from their more blatent
Libertarian Party politics by claiming to be a "small l" libertarian
and persistantly claiming that only markets are "Free", but it doesnt
fool everyone, Chris.

Australians cannot be sweepingly thrown into one big category.  There
are socialist austrialians who do not believe in statism and
monoply (they call themselves anarcho-syndicalists, or "anarchists")

There is a capitalist (small-l) "libertarian" publication in
Zew Zeland called the "Free Radical" which is is filled with
shrill pro-capitalist rhetoric and quasy
fascist attacks on anyone opposed to the market- be they traditional
"leftists" or anarchists.  The pub. is connected to a man named Lindsay
Perigo who has the backing of many rich people, and he also has a radio
program ("radio liberty") which gives the false impression that
the word "liberty" can only be associated with the "Free market" and
not the socialist movements which existed before the f the
2nd international, which were both revolutionary and anti-statist.

Aside from these political entities, one could assume that a significant
number of Australians both dislike local capitalism (and the state which
it represents) and the monopoly (multinational) capital that grips the world.

I'm going to post a few articles that will help get my point accross
with respect to the word "libertarian" and it's history.

  - Jamal H.

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