News Flash! Marxism Distasteful to those Who Hate It!

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Tue Sep 19 19:02:45 MDT 1995

On Tue, 19 Sep 1995, Jamal Hannah wrote:

> > Marx understood this principle only too well;
> > but his visions for communism, however minimal, remain too close to the
> > precipice of utopia for my tastes.
> > 					- Chris
> Well, the "personal tastes" of the borgeoise are always going to find
> Marx unappatizing.. but really, chris, I'm sure you can find more
> imaginative negative-labels than "utopian".  Good try though.
>  - JH

MIM adds: Speaking of utopian, we note that the "free trade" mirage
has been around longer than the Marxist articulation of what
communism would be. Where is the world without borders and tariffs?
Even within countries, people live under repressive/exploitative
mechanisms and cannot negotiate freely without being shot or imprisoned.
And I am talking about a world which is mostly capitalist by anyone's
definition--completely capitalist by the definition that capitalism
is an exchange-value seeking (e.g. profit goal) society with a class
appropriating surplus-labor from wage-laborers.

Free trade can only be achieved under communism.

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