Chris Sciabarra's Capitalist Gods

Stephen Tompkins st265089 at
Wed Sep 20 01:26:02 MDT 1995

Dr. Sciabarra speaks - enough solioquy.
Is 'ressentiment' an overtone here Jamal?

A working revolutionary socialism bites its nails, cornered in an alley
somewhere deep in utopia; a McDonald's commercial can be heard laughing
nearby, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, the horror will never end!

I thought the intro to this list suggested that the 'purpose' was to
foster exchange; one thing I've noticed on these bloody lists is the
inability to just have that suspension of judgement occasionally; Jamal
seems to want to continue the self-referential monologue or speak only to
an audience of consenting others.
question to the other members: what percentage of the arguments in the
past week have been:       1) ad hominem
                           2) straw person
                           3) masturbatory
                           4) normative claims
Steve Tompkins
ohio university


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