Chaos? It would take gods.

Chris Burford cburford at
Wed Sep 20 07:57:12 MDT 1995

Louis pressed Chris Sciabarra a little -

                                            The issue is not how
 > best to deliver bananas and x-rated videos to East Germans, but how the
 > planet will survive.

Chris Burford:

I agree the problem is extremely fundamental, and cannot be solved by
one person, corporation or entity having owenship eg of the Aral Sea.

Green economists say that capitalism externalises costs. Although this
is not a marxist expression it is IMO entirely consistent with marxism.

It should be stated in a more general form in order to grasp how fundamental
it is if we are to tame and bring under social guidance the social means
of production:

		commodity production externalises costs.

Chris B, London

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