Unabomber's manifesto

Doug Henwood dhenwood at panix.com
Wed Sep 20 07:58:51 MDT 1995

At 10:49 PM 9/19/95, Alex Trotter wrote:

>Did anyone snag a copy of today's *Washington Post* with the full text of
>the "unabomber" manifesto? I've only seen excerpts so far. This is quite
>an event. The bomber's tactics may be wrong, but he (they?) have some
>very intelligent things to say, and Ned Ludd continues to run rings
>around the FBI. The fact that one of the ruling class's papers of record
>has given in to a voice of real negation at such length is quite
>astonishing. I would not have expected them to do so. It will be very
>interesting to see what comes of this.

The so-minded and so-equipped can get a copy of the unamomber manifesto at



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