Chris Sciabarra's Attempt to Reverse-Engineer Marx

Louis N Proyect lnp3 at
Wed Sep 20 07:59:50 MDT 1995

Goodness gracious, a libertarian and an anarchist locked in mortal combat
on a Marxism list. What will we see next: vegetarians vs nudists,
Scientologists vs Ba'Hai worshippers, Freudians vs Reichians? By the way,
I'm all for it as long as they write sparkling prose the way Chris S.
does. Oh yes, Chris, did I accidentally delete your reply to me on my
last consideration of the Lake Baikal question unread? I have to be careful
when your posts are adjacent to the MIM's.

On Wed, 20 Sep 1995, Chris M. Sciabarra wrote:

> 	You know... I'm perfectly willing to concede that anarchism has a
> rich intellectual heritage which includes syndicalists, collectivists,
> individualists, etc.  Jamal, it seems that the very notion that somebody
> might call themselves a "libertarian" even while disagreeing with your
> politics gets you all in a sweat.  Dry off.... because there is now a
> very real tradition of thought reaching back to the Enlightenment and
> classical liberalism, that seeks to transcend left and right, and that
> calls itself "libertarian."  And if your history is correct (though I

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