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Jeffrey Booth booth2 at husc.harvard.edu
Wed Sep 20 09:51:08 MDT 1995

	I agree Michael Moore is radical and subversive and funny.  The
Cobb County Georgia piece was fantastic!  But the thing is, T.V. Nation
got a lot of its funding from the BBC so I think a case can be made that
British t.v. is better...  I believe this flows from the relative greater
strength of the socialist movement in Britain in the post-war period and
the resulting nationalization of some t.v. and much greater state funding
for the arts.  The same can be said about the film industry in most
European countries.
	One thing I don't like about Moore is that he never talks
solutions.  He's never explicitly socialist or able to provide people
with a possible course of organizing and action.  This is what makes him
somewhat acceptable to Capitalist t.v. .  Since Moore refuses to go all
the way, I believe the unintended result of much of his work is a
deepening cynicism and sense of powerlessness.  For example, when his
film Roger And Me was playing here in Boston, I managed to organize a few
groups of my co-workers to go and see it.  In 3 or 4 trips, I got about
15 people to go.  The reaction afterwards was depression rather than
anger; hopelessness rather than inspiration to do something about the
conditions in the film.  If Moore had just ONCE interviewed a union
activist from New Directions or any union activist with some fight in her
or him, I believe the reaction of my sisters and brothers would have
been different.
				-- Jeff Booth

On Wed, 20 Sep 1995 wdrb at siva.bris.ac.uk wrote:

> There was an item on the BBC
> telly news last night about the printing
> of unibomber's manifesto. Of course
> there was no details about what the
> mainifesto said although I thought
> the news implied it was just nuttiness.
> I'd appreciate a very quick precis
> of what the manifesto said if anybody
> can be bothered.
> BTW, on an entirely unrelated point,
> I saw someone slagging off Michael
> Moore's TV nation the other week on
> this list. Well, its being shown
> on telly here now and I believe its
> genuinely radical and subversive stuff
> and tha the folks making it have done
> some deep political thinking before
> they put lens to subject.
> I was particularly taken by:
> Moore wandering around capitol hill
> with the contract for america trying
> to exercise his equality by using
> luxury services reserved for congressmen.
> The program promoting a New York hood
> recently out of prison as a presidential
> candidate.
> A group of singers and dancers singing
> songs of love to Ku Klux Klan members.
> The UK always smugly pretend that
> "british tv is the best in the world
> and that american tv is crap"
> but for my money there is nothing as
> innovative or subversive as michael
> moore's TV nation being made by
> in this country at present.
> Is this program shown widely in the
> States..is it popular? It made me
> think again about how to convey
> leftwing ideas in a popular way.
> regards to all....I still think this
> list is excellent.....
> will brown  bristol england
> PS I think x files is brill as well.
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