Wed Sep 20 10:01:57 MDT 1995

I enjoy "x-files" too, I just don't take it very literally.  I mean,
I wouldn't put much past the US gov, but the UFO case in particular I
don't think is likely.  I'd leave UFOs to screwy Louie F.

"TV Nation" is produced and aired by Fox, isn't it?  Fox is the
rapidly growing fourth network that is taking territory from the big,
ancient three.  It is popular and growing in number of stations owned
and in amount of original programming produced, so everything they
make is seen more and more.

Unfortunately, TV Nation did a really bad show on the agri-use of
treated sewage residual solids [biosolids] and the regulation
thereof, last year.  Some self-inflated "EPA whistle-blower" was
invited, and he basically lied and fear-mongered quite egregiously.
It did put me off the show a bit, but it conflicts with my schedule
too, so I haven't checked it out much.  Maybe I'll take another look,

Yes, I claim some expertise in the regulation of shit, I mean
biosolids.  Yeah, I know, ironic, isn't it... but fertilizer doesn't
talk back.

Lisa Rogers

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I saw someone slagging off Michael Moore's TV nation the other week
on this list. Well, its being shown on telly here now and I believe
its genuinely radical and subversive stuff and tha the folks making
it have done some deep political thinking before  they put lens to
[snip] for my money there is nothing as innovative or subversive as
michael moore's TV nation being made by in this country at present.
will brown  bristol england

PS I think x files is brill as well.

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