Ona move w/ Jamal.

Matt D. afn02065 at afn.org
Wed Sep 20 11:19:39 MDT 1995

Jamal wrote:

>As for flag waving, it's clearly one thing to wave a flag as a pro-US
>imperialist act.. it's another thing to have an American flag in
>an anti-imperalist march, showing that the march represents
>Americans who do not like what the capitalists are doing.
>Do you understand the difference?
> - Jamal H.

Ouch!  Jamal, have we even argued about anything yet?  Cut me some slack,

-- Matt D.

Ironic aside:  I subscribed to the anarchy list for a brief period last year
(and some folks think this list is uncivil!), and of my very few posts, my
longest was a defense of Jamal (whom I do not know personally) against
charges of racism, among other things, in the context of a discussion about
MOVE.  Where have all the flowers gone?

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