A unique new theory about the CPP?

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On Fri, 15 Sep 1995, Matt D. wrote:

> Marc Luzietti wrote:
> >Sendero, in fact, had a huge hand in the destruction of the NON-PCP left.
> >In the mid to late 1970's, Sendero was insignificant. The Tupac Amuros (a
> >trotskyist guerrilla group) and the pro-Cubans were the main forces in
> >the hills. Sendero recieved arms from the government in exchange for
> >eradicating these other two groups. Not only is the PCP backstabbing
> >traitors to the lefty, they were in bed with the government.
> >
> >I will post the article about this over the weekend.
> Well, we've reached a real milestone in our quest for "What is the most
> idiotic thing we can say, in defiance of all evidence or rationality, about
> the Communist Party of Peru."
> Unfortunately, the prize fund is a little low right now (bought a CD at a
> show last night), so I'm afraid all I can offer is this electronic pat on
> the back.
> Good work!
> -- Matt D.

Okay, this is me eating crow. "mmmmmmm."

What follows is a part of an article from NACLA: Report on the Americas
(March 1989). My only defence is that I read this 6 years ago, and
probably read it a little hastily back then. Yet another lesson in making
thinking before I open my mouth.

	"Later Sendaro infiltrated the zone where the MRTA wielded
influence, questioning the leadership of the existing committees [defence
committees organized in 1978 by MIR, which later helped found MRTA, to
help defend the coca farmers against the drug lords] and accusing them of
having cut deals with the traffickers on the price of coca-a very
believable charge. Sendero could count on all the support they needed
from the drug traffickers, sincer their real purpose was to destroy the
MRTA-influenced organizations. According to one government official, "It
is true that the *narcos* attacked the producers' organizations, but that
was only in the begining. Later on they reached some sort of accord with
the leaders, and even gave them guns. Once Sendero became strong enough,
they [Sendero] turned on the traffickers and claimed the right to fix the
price of coca." When the traffickers caught on to Sendero's game, they
began to back the MRTA-sponspred organizations in some areas, while in
others they allowed Sendero to move in and keep the police at bay.

	My confusion was because of the government official's statement,
which I thought meant that they had given the CPP guns.

	However, as for MIM3's contention that the CPP doesn't kill gays,
"Louis Cachay, president of the San Martin Defence Front explains, '[. . .]
That is what Sendero offers: protection. Besides, in this region, since
there is a lot of money, there is alcohol, paretying, violence. . . .
Sendero puts an end to all that and puts everyone to work. And they close
the discotheques, the brothels, *KILL THE HOMOSEXUALS* and they send the
prostitues packing.'" (emphesis added). This was from a supporter.

	My main problems with Sendero is with their habit of offing their
rivals. One could very easily suppose that the IU amd MRTA backed the
government because the CPP was killing them, than from any assumptions in
the supposed good will of a dictatorial regime.

	Be that as it may, of the 25,000 deaths in the civil war, the
*VAST* majority are commited by the government, at least 20,000 of them.
As well, about 15,000 children die prematurely in Peru. The government's
murdering of its own people fully outweigh any "excesses" by the CPP.
Despite the fact that they will undoubtedly make the rivers of Peru run
red with blood after they win (and I have no doubt that they will),
things will probably get better for the average Peruvian. That said, it
won't be socialism, but a very rigid authoritarian dictatorship of the

Marc Luzietti

	"Behold, they are as one people, and they all have one language;
and this is only the begining of what they will do; and nothing that they
propose to do will now be impossible for them." -- GOD, on solidarity

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