Unabomber's manifesto

Jamal Hannah jamal at bronze.lcs.mit.edu
Wed Sep 20 21:55:19 MDT 1995

> There's a web page devoted to the unabomber which has the manifesto. I
> didn't jot down the url address of the page, but if you do a search on
> "unabomber", you'll get connected. By the way, both Jamil and Alex
> disassociate themselves from the unabomber's "tactics" but seem fairly
> comfortable with his goals. I think his goals are completely reactionary
> and are just an anarchist version of what Pol Pot sought: getting close
> to nature at gunpoint.
> Louis

Actualy Louis, I aggree with you, I dont care for the Unabombers
goals or his methods.  I suppose I should write a critique of what
the guy has to say, I dunno what point there is to that.   Whatever
points I may "Aggree" on with the unabomber would be akin to
stuff like "I think it's nice to be able to breath oxygen".. but
aside from that, he basicaly discredited his "good" points with
sloppy writing and lousy insights.  It looks to me like "2 steps
backward" with respect to any kind of "progress".  Mabye this
will make people "think" about things other than their everyday
goings on, but... only in the same way that Waco or the Oklahoma
City bombing made people "think".  This is not a good way
to stimulate intellectual thought.

I apologize if it seemed like I felt comfortable with this guys goals..
I admit I was interested in reading what he had to say, but that's
the extent of it.

Kirkpatric Sale and Murray Bookchin (not to mention Paul Goodman and Herbert
Marcuse) would be much more coherent and useful sources to read.. the
Unabomber sucks.

 - Jamal

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