The SWP: history of a workerist sect

Jamal Hannah jamal at
Wed Sep 20 23:46:19 MDT 1995

Hey Louis.. any chance you could get your hands on the section on
"Trotskyism" in the "Encyclopedia of the American Left"?  It looks
_really_ good.. talks about Cannon and Schatmann .. and all
the twists and turns Trotskyism has made since the split off from the

My favorite Trotskyist group would be the POUM of revolutionary Spain,
which George Orwell joined.  Anreas Nin was the secretary,
I believe.. he was killed by Stalin's agents in Barcelona (?)
The POUM was on the side of the Anarchists, vs. the Republicans &
the CP.  (not that this battle was helping anyone fight fascism)

I was told that the only successful Trotskyist revolution/government was
in Cypris.  I guess they had some revolution there?  But.. then, didnt
Turkey seize the island?

 - Jamal

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