A unique new theory about the CPP?

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On Wed, 20 Sep 1995, Marc Luzietti wrote:
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> On Fri, 15 Sep 1995, Matt D. wrote:
> > Marc Luzietti wrote:
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> > >Sendero, in fact, had a huge hand in the destruction of the NON-PCP left.
> 	However, as for MIM3's contention that the CPP doesn't kill gays,
> "Louis Cachay, president of the San Martin Defence Front explains, '[. . .]
> That is what Sendero offers: protection. Besides, in this region, since
> there is a lot of money, there is alcohol, paretying, violence. . . .
> Sendero puts an end to all that and puts everyone to work. And they close
> the discotheques, the brothels, *KILL THE HOMOSEXUALS* and they send the
> prostitues packing.'" (emphesis added). This was from a supporter.

MIM replies: I forgot to say that according to our gay activist source
in San Francisco working on this, "there are no documented cases" of PCP
gay-bashing. If there were, MIM would criticize them; we don't tolerate
those kinds of divisions in our movements, because it is hard enough
to rebuild the genuine communist movement without splitting over
who you sleep with.

I have seen this quote above before and can't remember the context
or investigation. You are saying this is what a random member of the
masses said, right? Do you have any way of knowing if this member
of the masses could distinguish MRTA and PCP? (Let's face it; in
a region under contention, some people with guns named XYZ and
some others with guns named QRS may look the same to some folks.)

In addition, we have checked with the PCP itself on this numerous times
and have been told there is no policy on homosexuals. So I would
not doubt that some masses mistake MRTA and the PCP and support the
PCP because MRTA killed some gays.

Another possibility is that PCP killed a government official who
happens to be gay and then some rumors started. That's just speculation
based on what happened with the issue of women that I will talk about next.
Some seem to think if you are a woman in a fascist regime, you should
be protected from violence from the people, while male fascists are
fair game. Hence, if you have those assumptions, and the people's
military forces kill a woman government official, you say the
PCP is "anti-woman." And of course that is absurd given that the PCP
has a nearly equal proportion of women in places of power, certainly
better than any organization in Peru or the government there or
the U.S. government.
> 	My main problems with Sendero is with their habit of offing their
> rivals. One could very easily suppose that the IU amd MRTA backed the
> government because the CPP was killing them, than from any assumptions in
> the supposed good will of a dictatorial regime.
MIM replies: I would have a problem too, if those "rivals" were just
members of the people. In the case of the IU, "rivals" turn out to
be mayors, vice-mayors, army or otherwise involved in military activity
against the PCP. It really reminds me of how Hitler turned around
and used all these social-democrats.

As for MRTA, your quote above is pretty convincing. When there
is a conflict over who governs an area, there is going to be
a firefight. But let's remember that the MRTA-PCP violence though
spectacular news, is a tiny, tiny (and confused) portion of what
goes on.

> 	Be that as it may, of the 25,000 deaths in the civil war, the
> *VAST* majority are commited by the government, at least 20,000 of them.
> As well, about 15,000 children die prematurely in Peru. The government's
> murdering of its own people fully outweigh any "excesses" by the CPP.
> Despite the fact that they will undoubtedly make the rivers of Peru run
> red with blood after they win (and I have no doubt that they will),
> things will probably get better for the average Peruvian. That said, it
> won't be socialism, but a very rigid authoritarian dictatorship of the
> Party.
> Marc Luzietti

MIM replies: The more we support the PCP, the less it's dictatorship
will hang by a thread, and the less it will feel compelled to
use violence to hang on to prevent the return of worse violence.

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