Chaos? It would take gods.

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Thu Sep 21 14:26:35 MDT 1995

On Wed, 20 Sep 1995, Chris Burford wrote:

> Chris S wrote on 19th Sept
> I in turn would concede that in a system of commodity exchange it is
> extremely difficult to prevent capital accumulating unevenly. This makes
> the management of the economy a very difficult affair. I generally assume
> that although computerised information systems will be useful
> for attempting, however imperfectly, to guide the economy, a system of
> direct total ownership and central planning by computer is not viable.

	I think that the limits of what's physically possible in this
universe (on that point) will only be revealed under World Socialism.

	Implementation of it would only be possible under actually
existing Communism -- so it's moot at this point.

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