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Jeffrey Booth booth2 at
Thu Sep 21 15:05:04 MDT 1995

	I would suggest listening to the music of a recently de-funked
band called The Disposable Heroes of Hip-Hoprisy and also reading about
them in magazines like Maximum Rock and Roll.
	Good luck.

				-- Jeff Booth

On Thu, 21 Sep 1995 BOCOBO at wrote:

> Hi, I'm a student at Sonoma State university in California and I'm doing a
> research paper on class consciousness.  My topic is on the commodification of
> inner city class consciousness, vis a vis rap songs, movies, etc.  I'm
> interested in studying who profits from the selling of this "hip-hop" culture,
> and if these profits are invested back into the community i.e. schools, jobs,
> health care etc...  I'm searching for any literature that I can use for my
> research.  I'd appreciate any suggestions or resources I can get.  Thanks!
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