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Thu Sep 21 16:12:19 MDT 1995

A lovely quote from Helen Chenoweth, the Idaho Republican who prefers to be
called a CongressMAN, because "only that form of the title commands
respect," who is a favorite of the militia-patriot crowd (quoted in the
Texas Observer, Sep 15):

"I remember just three weeks ago standing in Fredricksburg, at a gravesite,
where there were thirty-five thousand young Confederate soldiers -- I mean,
young Union soldiers, though I happen to agree with the South -- but there
are thirty-five thousand young Union soldiers buried in that mass grave.
Age twelve on up. General Lee and the other generals knew that they had to
order those young men into battle to give their lives. Not for a snail. Not
for a warbler. Not for native beries. For man. For freedom. For hope and a

Interesting to have someone in Congress who supports the South in what the
American state once considered an act of treason.



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