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On Thu, 21 Sep 1995, Jamal Hannah wrote:

> Chris S. said:
> > 	Bertell is a foremost Marxist scholar, author of ALIENATION and
> > DIALECTICAL INVESTIGATIONS.  He DOES despise capitalism, DOESN'T see
> > Marxism as a hobby (though he has marketed it in a board game called,
> > CLASS STRUGGLE!), and generally is intrigued by my own position, even if
> > he thinks I'm crazy.  He was, by the way, my mentor, the senior thesis
> > adviser for my dissertation, and now, my colleague.
> Is there a way to contact him?  Does he have email, or a mailing address?
> Also.. is it possible to contact Ernest Mandel or Gramsci? (is Gramsci
> alive?)
I think Mandel recently passed on; Gramsci is long gone.  Bertell has no
email address, but he can be reached by writing to:
	Professor Bertell Ollman, NYU Department of Politics,
	715 Broadway, New York, New York  10003
Hope this helps.
			- Chris
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