"chaos theory"

Thu Sep 21 19:22:03 MDT 1995

It seems (to me) that both Chris and Jerry have brought forward important
points.  It does seem to me that their debate is a special case of

I do not think people have to be like fish to fit non-linear equations.
However, Jerry hesitancy toward non-linear equations for capturing social
phenonema seems valid.

It seems to me that if there is such a thing of "necessity" in social
science (as Marxian theory "wants" to argue), then there must be social
phenomena which might fit a non-linear analysis.

Moreover as Marx employs dialectical logic (e.g. Tony Smith's argument
of Marxian dialectics) than chaos theory non-linear equations should be
valid for modeling capital\wage-labor nexus in a similar fashion to the
predeator-prey models.

However, this model merely demonstrates a concept, or perhaps a portion of
reality.  It has in no way replaced theory, or the importance of
dialectical logic.

Like Chris B. (among others), I believe that there is a case of
naturalism for chaos, however, like Jerry, I also want to be very careful
to the limits of this type of modeling, especially in the social science.

Chaos must have a philosophical ontology so to make since of its results
(and beginings).

Hans Despain
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