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Subject: marxist conference call for papers

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                   FINAL CALL FOR PAPERS

Poznan Studies in the Philosophy of the Sciences and the Humanities
book series would like to invite contributions to the upcoming volume

                Marx's Social Theory Today

which will be edited by R. Panasiuk and L. Nowak.

The leading idea of the volume is to assess the scientific work of K. Marx
in the area of social theory (or a part of it) from today's perspective.
It is assumed that such a critical assessment will abstract from the
(real or alleged) political role of Marx's theories in the formation
of the so-called "real socialism."  Contributions based on the Analytical
Marxist tradition are particularly welcome.

The deadline for submitting papers is November 1st, 1995.  A contribution
should not exceed 45 pages of standard typescript.  Typescripts, and
diskettes (as well additional questions), should be sent to:

Prof. L. Nowak
Poznan Studies
ul. Cybulskiego 13
60-247 Poznan, POLAND

Fax:    0-48-61-447-079
E-mail: epistemo at

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