ANNOUNCE: Rock Against Racism/Rap Against the State

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Thu Sep 21 07:56:10 MDT 1995

The Atlanta Olympics Protest Committee is calling for progressive
alternative music acts, political hip-hoppers, radical poets and music
performers of all types from around the world to come to Atlanta, Georgia,
USA during the 1996 Olympics to take part in a music concert/political
protest against the Olympics to be held July 19-20, 1996.

The theme of the concert is "Rock Against Racism/Rap Against the State" --
although reggae, folk and all other forms of music are welcome. This
concert is to be political forum to expose the commercial nature of the
Olympics, the warlike nation-state basis of the "competition," the police
state activities of Atlanta and the United States government to prepare for
the Olympics, the farce of the 1996 American elections and the
deteriorating economic/political condition of the U.S.A. and the world in
general, which the Olympics is designed to cover up.

The concert is a benefit for the Foundation for Radical Social Change, a
nonprofit funding organization which will disperse the proceeds to
pre-designated organizations fighting racism, for human rights, prisoner
support and other issues.

If your music organization or band/group is interested in playing at or
participating in the event, please contact:

Atlanta Olympics Protest Committee
c/o Georgia Antiauthoritarian Group
Box 144, Hiram, GA 30141
or call Kris Freeman at 1-404-443-9186

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