Alex Trotter uburoi at panix.com
Fri Sep 22 00:18:31 MDT 1995

Do you think the *Washington Post* lost revenue from devoting ad space to
the unabomber manifesto? More likely, they made it all back several
times over from the thousands of extra copies they sold. All the media
pundits debate whether it was a "mistake" to give in to a terrorist who
has murdered people. Graham and Sulzberger wrung their hands over this
question. Their conscience doesn't bother them, however, whenever they
devote space to the utterances of a war hero like Gen. Colin Powell, who
has killed many thousands of people. It is not necessary or desirable to
celebrate the bomber's killings and maimings, but some perspective is called
for. The real problem with what the unabomber has done is not so much
that his intended targets are undeserving, but that he endangers so many
other people to get at them--postal employees, secretaries, spouses and
children, etc. That timber industry lobbyist--wasn't he what marxists
would call a "class enemy"? Not someone to shed tears over, but then,
what's the point of offing him?


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