RWL: Den of Thieves; Hypocrisy on the Left

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Fri Sep 22 01:46:09 MDT 1995

Dear Comrades;

I wanted to send a quick message about a former comrade of mine who has
recently defected to the RWL.  On his way to the Monastery, he decided to
take materials and money that were not his.  Plain language:  he ripped off
former comrades.

Theft is nothing new to the RWL -- nay, it is the status quo.  I have heard
stories of RWLers who regularly rip off leftist bookstores (Pathfinder,
Revolution Books, CP bookstores, etc.).  When I was a member, I confronted
them about this, and they simply gloated about their violations of workers'

When this former comrade "took the money and ran," it was deja vu.  My first
response was an emotional rush and thoughts of murder (literally).  My
roommate and comrade talked me down and convinced me to expose this theft as
far and wide as possible.

But I was hesitant.  The reason is that the Left in general is very
hypocritical about such things.  Often times, many Leftists will condemn a
practice, only to turn around and commit the same heinous act they just
condemned.  I am no exception.  But I am self-critical of such things, as I
am critical when others do it.  There is honor among thieves, but no honor
among Leftists.

I am posting this message just to let readers know about this, but I expect
no real action to be taken -- and none to be genuine.

I would like to hope this would be able to have devastating effects for the
RWL, but I expect many comrades to simply say "that's life, get over it."
 Unfortunately, I can't.  Maybe I'm the last "chivalrous Trotskyist" in
existence.  I hope not.

With Bolshevik-Leninist Greetings;
Doug Piranha

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