SWP history

Louis N Proyect lnp3 at columbia.edu
Fri Sep 22 08:25:35 MDT 1995


I'm glad to see no ex-SWPers have anything say in disagreement with my
history of this workerist sect. That's progress.

If somebody wants to cross-post the article to that low-rent alt.trotsky
newsgroup, please feel free to. I stopped subscribing because David
Futrelle's posts had me howling at the moon and running about Central Park
on all fours after dark trying to catch rats with my teeth.

Finally, if there are folks out there in some far-off exotic place like
Sweden, Germany, Japan, etc. who would like to mail a hard copy of my
article to the address below with a message to the effect of "I read this on
the internet" (please choose your own words, I don't want this to appear as a
conspiracy even though clearly that's what it is), I would be forever grateful.

14 Charles Lane
NY, NY 10014

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