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Jonathan D. Jaynes jjaynes at
Fri Sep 22 02:52:00 MDT 1995

Greetings Comrades,

I currently have a web page dedicated to Marxism-Leninism
( in which I
have attempted to include as much information about Marxism-Leninism
as possible.  For months now I have wanted to include a glossary of
Marxist terms at the site to help people visiting understand some of
the Marxist terminology they may be unfarmiliar with.

However, I am very bust trying to get through graduate school and
unable to finish the glossary at this time.

May I propose the following project - If everybody on this list could
each contribute to the glossary by e-mailing me one (or more) Marxist
terms and the definition(s), I could then compile them into a
presentable glossary on the web.  And of course recognition would be
given to all that contribute (either individually or collectivly).

Of course there may be problems with everybody wanting to send in a
definition of "Alienation" or "Capital", I'm not sure how we can
avoid duplication other than asking that people try to avoid the more
common terms.  Maybe I could also periodically post a list of the terms that have
already been submitted so people could fill in the holes.

I am not trying to make "busy-work" for people on the list, I feel
this would be an important undertaking as a Marxist list and a
valuable tool for those studying Marxism on the internet.

Thank you,
All suggestions are most welcome...

In Solidarity,
Jonathan D. Jaynes
jjaynes at
Graduate Student
Department of History
Boise State University
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