Left-Wing Musical Bands

Matt D. afn02065 at afn.org
Fri Sep 22 12:06:40 MDT 1995

Some more suggestions:

Black '47 -- Irish American out of New York  (for those in NYC, I think they
                    still play Paddy Reilly's (22nd & 9th?), though I
understand the price
                    has gone up from $5 to $10.

Killdozer -- Hard rockers whose lyrics aren't as explicitly political as
their album titles, but hey ...

MDC -- Old-school punks; gotten a little new agey on their last few albums,
buy who can forget classics like Millions of Dead Cops and John Wayne was a

and for more punkish fun, check out Jello Biafra w/ DOA.  Tasty!

My friend Lars recently joined the list, maybe he can help me remember some
more.  Lars?  Are you out there?  Suggestions?

-- Matt D.

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