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Fri Sep 22 13:39:09 MDT 1995

> >The Marxist tradition -- well into the 20th century, even in the writings
> >of Trotsky, and in the thought of critical theorists such as Habermas,
> >continues to promote the faith that human beings will become on average,
> >Aristotles, Goethes, and Marxes.  We need a little humility here, and a
> >little realism, because as much as I'd like to believe this faith, "it
> >ain't necessarily so..."

	I remember reading Buckminster Fuller's commentary on the shocking
contrast he was confronted with of the slums of Bogota Colombia, compared
to the `ultramodern' business core of the city while on a visit.

	I don't remember the details (I think I can find them), but he
noted that chronic malnutrition, notably protein deficiency, and lack of
quality education -- or even any education -- had a HUGE effect on the
resultant `IQ' of such slum children when they reached adulthood.

	I suggest that those who scoff at a possible future where
_everyone_ is more `intelligent' consider details like this before falling
back too comfortably on our `natural' intellectual differences...

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