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Jon Beasley-Murray jpb8 at acpub.duke.edu
Fri Sep 22 16:42:43 MDT 1995

I'm a big fan of Billy Bragg (esp. the "Between the Wars" ep and "Waiting
for the Great Leap Forwards" or somesuch on _Workers' Playtime_).

Also, however, Bruce Cockburn (here's one for you Canadians) who not only
has written the only song I know about the IMF (IMF, dirty MF, take away
everything you can get, always making sure that there's one thing left,
keep them on the hook with unsupportable debt... "And they call it
Democracy") plus some great stuff on Central America ("If I had a Rocket
Launcher" etc.).

Not to mention the New Wave... Heaven 17: "Brother... sister... We don't
need this fascist groove thang..." or the Style Council, "You don't have
to take this crap, you don't have to sit back and relax... Lights go out
and walls come tumbling down..."

Take care


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