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Sat Sep 23 12:13:50 MDT 1995

Jonathan's suggestion is rather akin to Jerry's of some time back,
which Jon offered to collate, and where, to my knowledge, my post
on Bohm-Bawerk is the only contribution to date (true, Jon?). But
it sounds like Jonathan has set in place some of the mechanisms
we had only talked about.

One thing we did decide was that such a project had to have
multiple definitions of some concepts, with authors signalled; we
were also more on about contributions on the question of value,
where we'd summarise the main protagonists. But this appears to
fit into Jonathan's idea rather than conflict with it (and maybe
he and Ken from Zodiac should be in touch!).

Anyway, I'd be willing to help out, but with the strong caveat
that, as Jonathan noted, he'd be trying to make busy people
busier! Such a process will take a long time; fortunately
a computer system such as you propose supplies the needed long
Steve Keen

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