Monetary economics

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Sun Sep 24 02:41:42 MDT 1995

Recommended by Jerry Levy:

>-- Robert Guttmann _How Credit-Money Shapes the Economy: The United
>States in a Global System_, M.E. Sharpe, 1994 (available in paperback,
>361 pages)

I had read the first part of this a couple of months ago and coincidentally
enough was reading through it last night--though of course I turned to it
in order to get a better handle on Doug's and Chris' recent posts.

 It is accessible to non-economists, though I was helped by taking out my
intro econ book (Baumol and Blinder--the only econ class I ever took) and
being reminded of the different sorts of lending institutions and
operations of the Fed.   The discussion (around page 100) of the relations
between fixed capital, administrative pricing, credit money and inflation
seems to be very powerful.  And all the terms are introduced in
non-technical language.


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