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Sat Sep 23 20:36:59 MDT 1995

> The unabomber's text is sketchy about a number of
>things, but a careful reading shows that he (they?) makes a distinction
>between small-scale technology (which he doesn't seem to have much beef
>with) and large-scale, organization-dependent technology (which he
>clearly does).

Alex, after getting in an awful fight with my dochilo-blond Jewish
neighbors (they really do throw a wrench into Veblen's racial types) about
whether I had let the weeds get out of control, I came in and reread the
Manifesto, and you are right--the Unabomber does make such a distinction.
But I didn't complain about the various people from all over the world my
neighbors have hired to mow their lawn early in the morning--even on
Saturdays.  They asked me to hire the same gardners if I weren't going to
pull the weeds myself.
They have already complained to my landlord, one homeowner to other.

By the way, are the writings of Cammatte available? Yes, my
comrades--though largely sympathetic to the stinging criticisms by Cockburn
and Sale of the Unabomber in The Nation-- are not too enthusiastic about
living under a dictatorship of the proletariat.  And I thought they were


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