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>Reprinted from the Sept. 28, 1995 issue of
>Workers World newspaper
>By David Perez
>During the Vietnam War, the Pentagon brass often claimed
>their massive bombing of Vietnam--and later of Cambodia--was
>"in the interests of peace."
>Indeed, before there were "smart" bombs, there were
>"humanitarian" bombs. You know the kind--the ones that blow
>people to smithereens to make the world safe for
>Peace through dismemberment. It's what the warlords at the
>Pentagon and their counterparts in Bonn, Paris and London
>enjoy most--especially when they've convinced many people
>that they only have goodness in their hearts and bombs.
>Like in the Balkans.
>All this should be borne in mind by the world's
>progressive forces--which should be mobilizing against this
>latest outrageous example of imperialist brigandage.
>In fact, the anti-war forces need to recall another lesson
>from the Vietnam War. It has to do with why Washington went
>to war in the first place.
>One of the principal aims of the U.S. imperialist
>adventure in Vietnam was to keep the country divided and
>partitioned. It was about propping up the pro-Washington
>Thieu regime in the South as against the liberation forces
>of the North that wanted to unite the country and make it
>U.S. military intervention was never about helping the
>entire Vietnamese people. It was about pitting one section
>of the country against the other. It was about divide and
>In short, it was about fomenting antagonism and disunity
>to facilitate the rule of foreign capital.
>The same is true for the Balkans. Imperialist policy is
>not about helping the peoples of the region--be they Serbs,
>Croats, Muslims, Slovenes, Albanians or anyone else. It's
>about building up puppet governments, the kind that bow to
>and kiss the U.S. dollar.
>When Washington says it's siding with the Bosnian Muslims,
>it's not siding with the people; it's siding with the
>current ruling group, and only because that group is
>friendly to U.S. imperialism.
>For now, the Serbian people and especially their leaders
>are made out to be the demons, because the Serbs have
>refused to go along with the dismemberment of Yugoslavia and
>are defending their homeland from imperialist-dictated
>To paraphrase what a diplomat of the British Empire once
>said: Imperialism doesn't have permanent allies, only
>permanent interests.
>                         - END -
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