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>Date: Sun, 17 Sep 1995 12:55:41 -0500
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>Subject: Marx Today -- Final Call for Papers
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>                   FINAL CALL FOR PAPERS

>Poznan Studies in the Philosophy of the Sciences and the Humanities
>book series would like to invite contributions to the upcoming volume

>                Marx's Social Theory Today

>which will be edited by R. Panasiuk and L. Nowak.

>The leading idea of the volume is to assess the scientific work of K. Marx
>in the area of social theory (or a part of it) from today's perspective.
>It is assumed that such a critical assessment will abstract from the
>(real or alleged) political role of Marx's theories in the formation
>of the so-called "real socialism."  Contributions based on the Analytical
>Marxist tradition are particularly welcome.

>The deadline for submitting papers is November 1st, 1995.  A contribution
>should not exceed 45 pages of standard typescript.  Typescripts, and
>diskettes (as well additional questions), should be sent to:

>Prof. L. Nowak
>Poznan Studies
>ul. Cybulskiego 13
>60-247 Poznan, POLAND

>Fax:    0-48-61-447-079
>E-mail: epistemo at

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