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Gonzalez, Francisco GONZALEZ at blue.usa.com
Mon Sep 25 08:08:34 MDT 1995

Reply to "Long March" (please forward to "National Alliance")

Francisco J. Gonzalez


                 ******* ORIGINAL MESSAGE FOLLOWS *******


Thanks for forwarding your " insightful" comments on the state of modern
America; every word of that incoherent piece of rubbish just served to
give me added strength to continue to struggle against fascist, racist,
ignorant  trash like yourself. I just want to reassure you that when the
day of OUR victory comes, we will be magnanimous and give you the same
opportunities for justice and  equality that you want to deny us. On the
other hand, if push comes to shove, be aware that WE will not stand idle
if you try to implement the twisted machinations of your pathetic little
mind, so distraught by it's own incompetence that can only find solace
and comfort in blaming others for it's own inadequacies. It is too late
for the "National Alliance" and the other White racist and anti-semites
to turn the clock back. WE are here to stay, and there is NOTHING that
you can do about it. Some may even want you to try to create by force an
" Aryan America"; that will provide the perfect excuse to make YOU see
America from a new perspective: Mussolini's way, hanging upside down and
with "body ventilation" provided by Beretta!!

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