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On Sat, 23 Sep 1995, Maoist Internationalist Movement wrote:

> On Fri, 22 Sep 1995, Walter Daum wrote:
> > They do raise a question for MIM, I would think. Since most of the strikers
> > battling the cops and capitalists seem to be white, does that mean their
> > strike is not to be supported? Especially since (as I read elsewhere) that
> > the owners have brought in Mexicans as scabs.
> MIM replies: This is where anti-MIMerism leads--to attacks on foreign
> workers. It's in the line of the anti-GATT and anti-NAFTA CPUSA
> and other similar organizations. There are so many things that
> journalists could be doing and real Marxists could be doing
> to lead the journalists, but instead they go down this path that
> INEVITABLY leads to social-chauvinism in the current context,
> a fight over the re-division of surplus-value.

Where did this come from? The point I believe he was trying to make was
that the capaitalists are using Mexican scab labor (although the vast
majority of the scabs are actually anglos) to break the strike, i.e.,
oppress the striking workers.

> > Either MIM's theory or the class struggle has to give.
> "The class struggle" according to Daum is something that
> doesn't even target the state. Even if we presume that these
> workers are exploited, which they aren't, Engels would say
> they have yet to advance class struggle "one iota."

So, when you say that the American working class is *not* exploited, you
are saying that the American working class recieves *FULL* renumeration
for their labor? If not, then please explain whyu your definition of
exploitation differs from Marx's. If so, please back up your assertion
with some facts. As I understand it, American workers recieve 1/4 of the
value of their labor back in wages & benefits (Gus Hall, 1980). In real
dollar terms, the American working class is one of the most exploited
classes in the world, even if they are better off than the working
classes in the rest of the world.

> When the various chavinists DO speak out to lead the
> workers against the government,
> they call for closing the borders, opposing
> GATT and opposing NAFTA, just like the KKK did at a recent rally
> by the way.

The racist ruling classes of this country have spent over three hundred
years attempting to inculculate us in their idelogy, and no wonder.
Whenever racism breaks down, the combined forces of the working class
threaten the capitalists position, from Nat Turner's Rebellion through
the Progressive Party to the Civil Right's movement. Calling the workers
backwards and in bed with management does not win them over. If all I
ever did was to call MIM race-baiting, wannabe radical, trust fund babies,
you wouldn't be very inclined to work with me. If you were to repeat your
theories to a typical unionist, I believe you'd get a well deserved punch
in the nose.


> Likewise, 99% of the time the labor aristocracy negotiates
> with the imperialists. Another 44 one-hundreds of one percent
> of the time, they go to strikes using physical force.
> The remainder of situations where the labor aristocracy
> actually moves against the state it is not in a
> proletarian direction.

The fact that the labor aristocracy (i.e., the union bosses) regularly
betrays the rank-and-file is a well known phenomina among both
revolutionaries and unionists. You do not help matters be insulting the
workers. In fact, one of the reasons for the upsurge in unoin militancy
is because the rank-and-file has begun to battle their leadership.

> Meanwhile, in the Third World, the state imprisons people
> for organizing or kills them regularly and the classes
> really do engage in class struggle, not class collaboration
> or negotiation.

Oh, and what are state run unions? I seem to see them throughout the
third world?

> From time to time the bourgeoisie sends its members to
> country-club prisons with regard to its intra-class
> fighting--Watergate, Iran-Contra, how to embezzle etc.
> How does this Detroit struggle compare with that?

What does this have to do with the price of tea in China? When was the
last time a union activist went to a country club prison (keyword is
*ACTIVIST,* Lane Kirkland doesn't count)? In fact, I seem to remember
that union militants in the US are getting jailed, beaten, and yes,
occasionally murdered

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