Summary please?

Chris Burford cburford at
Mon Sep 25 21:50:05 MDT 1995

Could anyone please summarise the exchanges that took place between
MIM and Rakesh and others about a week ago? The thread was entitled
about home ownership.

Unfortunately I had to skim at the time. I picked up that there was
a political conflict about whether the majority white working class was
hopelessly lost to revolutionary theory.

There was an economic argument about the nature of economic privilege for
the mass of the population in advanced capitalist countries. I understood
MIM to have extended Lenin's argument about a whole stratum of the
working class being corrupted by imperialism, to the class as a whole.
The economic theory behind this would be interesting.

I would prefer not to hear jibes on either side. It would be better to
hear the arguments quietly put at their strongest and most lucid. That will
provide a more cogent pressure than any insult for people
to be prepared to review their position in due course.

Hope such a summary might be helpful to other people too.

Chris B, London.

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