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Tue Sep 26 10:43:14 MDT 1995

>>>Historically speaking, what the Luddite
>>>movement (and there is plenty of evidence
>>>that it WAS a mass movement...
>>Is that an all capital "was" as in "*really* was" or
>>do you wish to stress the past tense?
>The Luddite movement was a movement in England around
>the time of the industrial revolution. That's a historical fact.
>Capitalist historians used to say it took its name from Ned
>Ludd, "a half-witted Lincolnshire lad" who started the machine
>breaking. But in fact there was no such person. Luddite songs
>etc. of that time speak of "General Ludd" or "King Ludd".
>This was a mythical figure who probably took his name from
>the same source as Ludgate Circus, in London, which is called
>after an anglo-saxon pagan deity called Ludd.
>    There may be modern day movements which call themselves
>Luddite, but if by that they mean anti-technology as such, then
>they are not Luddite in the original sense.


 Thanks a lot for taking the time to clarify your comment. The
reason for my half-joking question was that I find anti-tech,
back-to-the-land ideologies antiquated. I have previously said
on this list that technology and large-scale integration are
vital for our existence. We are about 600 times as many people
on the earth as it could support, were we hunters&collectors.
Of course, I realize that you were not defending the Luddites,
but merely explaining some historical facts.


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