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>>Historically speaking, what the Luddite
>>movement (and there is plenty of evidence
>>that it WAS a mass movement...

>Is that an all capital "was" as in "*really* was" or
>do you wish to stress the past tense?

The Luddite movement was a movement in England around
the time of the industrial revolution. That's a historical fact.
Capitalist historians used to say it took its name from Ned
Ludd, "a half-witted Lincolnshire lad" who started the machine
breaking. But in fact there was no such person. Luddite songs
etc. of that time speak of "General Ludd" or "King Ludd".
This was a mythical figure who probably took his name from
the same source as Ludgate Circus, in London, which is called
after an anglo-saxon pagan deity called Ludd.
    There may be modern day movements which call themselves
Luddite, but if by that they mean anti-technology as such, then
they are not Luddite in the original sense.

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