Marxist Glossary Project

Jonathan D. Jaynes JJAYNES at
Wed Sep 27 20:19:34 MDT 1995

About a week ago I suggested a collective project that we as Marxists
could undertake, mainly the creation of a glossary of Marxist terms
for publication on the WWW.

First, I would like to thank Steve Keen as he has been the only
person to respond to my original idea.  He has indicated an interest
in participating in the project and I appreciate his willingness to
help out.

Next, I am not certain as to why I did not get more response (either
in the positive or negative) about my suggestion.  Did people just
not feel that it was a worthwhile task?  Were people waiting to offer
a helping hand to see if others were willing to jump in first?

I understand that people are busy, but would it really be that
difficult if we as a group coordinated our efforts to produce
something that could then be used in the understanding of Marxism by
people all around the globe?  I am sorry if people do not feel this a
worthy task.

If I receive no response I will attempt to undertake the project
myself (with the aid of Steve Keen, if he is still willing).

Jonathan D. Jaynes
graduate student
department of history
boise state university

email: jjaynes at


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