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Jonathan D. Jaynes jjaynes at src.idbsu
Thu Sep 28 10:21:15 MDT 1995

Jerry has pointed out that there are several "dictionaries" of Marxist =
terminology already published in the traditional book format.  I am, of =
course, well aware of these books.  However, I would like to see such a =
dictionary published on the internet, mainly the WWW.  To do this I =
can't simply take one of the mentioned books off the shelf and start =
copying it for publication on the web, this would violate copyright laws =
and I am really not in the mood for a legal battle. =20

What I am suggesting is something new - A glossary published on the web, =
written as a collective group.  This is very far from an individual =
writing a book, getting paid for it and copywriting the material.

Jonathan D. Jaynes
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