Mumia Abu-Jamal Update

Jim Jaszewski jjazz at
Thu Sep 28 21:16:33 MDT 1995

	I would normally post this update on Mumia Abu-Jamal's upcoming
court appearance (I've received a number of thanx for doing so B4), which
I've received through Arm The Spirit, but due to it's EXTREME length, I
know I'd receive SCREAMS of reprobation from the self-appointed List
censors for doing so -- besides, I'd like to see just how many people
would actually appreciate having the information...

	I suggest that Pennsylvanians contact me ASAP -- if they don't
already have this...

	And just in case its relevance to this list -- besides its
obvious activist utility -- is in question, let me point out that it
contains details of Philadelphia Police propaganda tactics which might
point to the future beyond `Philly' -- and I've read less than 1/4 of
it!  :>

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