"incentives" and The Dispossessed

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Lisa's little note:
(Even my "light" reading is serious stuff lately.  Steve, I checked
out that calculus book, but Ursula is a bit more engaging at the
is fine by me, since I think I was the one who recommended Le Guin
in the first place! It is a book that I have bought perhaps ten
times, given away as often, and read maybe 3 or 4 times. It is
a superb fictional account of how authoritarian tendencies can
come to dominate even a society designed along anarchist lines
(and even lacking a Stalin to so pervert the design, as Louis
so eloquently pointed out was Stalin's impact on planning in
the USSR).

Mind you, she does suggest something close to a cure, as Lisa
I think is about to read--but it's a cure that leads to Takver's
effective expulsion from Annares.

Happy reading. The calculus can wait.

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