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Having plowed through the fellow's entire document I am forced to make some

I am struck by its rationality which stands in such contrast with the
fellow's actions.  It is difficult to think that he blew people away for 17
years, keeping silent about his ideas, now to use his terrorism to force
publication of his document.  I tend to think he makes bombs for deeply
psychological reasons and, between bomb making and whatever he does to make a
living, he has been working on his opus.

The document is consistently reasoned from beginning to end and represents a
rational case for the destruction of  "the industrial-technological system"
as suppressor of humanity.  I don't aggree with this these but it is a well
thought out and coherent thesis.

There is one rather essential point which I share with Unabomber as Thinker.
 He stresses the overriding importance of technology and the industrial
society it has spawned in shaping contemporary human existence.  He sees this
expressed equally within capitalist and socialist society.  This side of his
argument is peculiarly "Marxist" in its stress on base determining
superstructure, even though it leads him to a decidedly anti-Marxist
rejection of technology.

He idealizes  early society and "wild nature" advocating a rather undeveloped
notion of a small communitarian kind of society.  In the course of this
argument he makes the quite correct point that small scale organization and
meaningful decentralized power is incompatible with modern technology with
its complex indurstrial interrelations and massive population density.

If he is correct in this  -- and I have yet to read a convincing Marxist
argument to counter it  -- then EITHER we abandon technology ( which means
abandoning at least three quarters of the earth's population) or we abandon
our own communitarian utopian dreams: soviets,  council communism, etc.

I for some time have advocated embracing the former and abandoning the latter
as a utopian remnant within Marxism.  We need to learn how to invigilate mass
society as we do not have the option of abandoning it under socialism any
more than under capitalism.

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