Jim Jaszewski jjazz at freenet.hamilton.on.ca
Sat Sep 30 16:33:43 MDT 1995

On Fri, 29 Sep 1995, Chris Burford wrote:

> Every so often on marxism digest I get =20 at the end
> of lines, obviously as a line end marker. I suspect
> I am not the only one. I also suspect there is more
> than one software imcompatibility reason.
> Can anyone give explanations and solutions?

	It's for the same reason people get a mangled signature from me
care of the majordomo mailer:  it's extended (8-bit) ASCII/ANSI converted
to 7-bit ASCII.  You'll see it also when foreign characters are
translated down to 7-bit.

	The only real solution seems to be standardizing the Net on 8-bit
-- or preferably Unicode (as if)...

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