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Sat Sep 30 17:44:44 MDT 1995

                              Free Newsletter

     The next issue of the newsletter of the Society for the
Philosophical Study of Marxism will be available shortly.  If you
are interested in receiving a free copy (and have not already
indicated interest) please send me your p-mail (postal) address.

     This issue will be nine pages, and include short submissions
from Howard Parsons (U. of Bridgeport), Shingo Shibata (Japan),
Milton Fisk (U. of Indiana, Bloomington), Mario Miguel Rodriguez
Pantoja (Philosophy and History Faculty, University of Havana,
Cuba), and Vladimir Metlov (Chair, Philosophy Department,
Mendeleyev State University, Moscow, Russia).  The last three
discuss the tasks of Marxism today.

     I have posted a call for submissions by graduate students
for an essay contest, with a prize of $500 U.S.  Please make this
information available to interested students.

--Best wishes,

Jim Lawler
phijiml at

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